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Is Ruby better than JavaScript?

Headline: Is Ruby Better Than JavaScript for Web Development?

With the ever-changing landscape of web development, it can be challenging to decide which language to use. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between Ruby and JavaScript to determine which language is better for web development.


Ruby and JavaScript are two of the most popular languages for web development. They are both open source, meaning they are free to use and can be modified to fit specific needs. Ruby is a general-purpose programming language that is often used to build dynamic web applications. JavaScript, on the other hand, is a scripting language that is primarily used to add interactivity to webpages.

Both Ruby and JavaScript have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to web development. To help you decide which language is better for your project, let’s take a look at some of the differences between the two.


The main difference between Ruby and JavaScript is the way they are written. Ruby is written in a more structured, object-oriented way, while JavaScript is written in a more procedural, imperative style.

Ruby is a server-side language, meaning it is processed on the server before being sent to the client. This leads to a faster loading time and better performance. JavaScript, on the other hand, is a client-side language, meaning it is processed on the client’s computer. This can lead to slower loading times and poorer performance.

Ruby is also a more powerful language than JavaScript. It has a large standard library of functions and classes that can be used to create complex applications. JavaScript does not have as many features, but it does have a large library of third-party libraries that can be utilized for specific tasks.

When it comes to debugging, Ruby is easier to debug than JavaScript. Ruby has a built-in debugger, which can be used to identify issues in your code. JavaScript, on the other hand, requires manual debugging, which can be time-consuming.


In conclusion, Ruby and JavaScript are both great languages for web development. Ruby is a powerful, structured language that is well-suited for creating complex applications. JavaScript is a versatile language that is great for adding interactivity to webpages. Ultimately, the best language for your project will depend on your specific needs.